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There is so much valuable information in an iSucceed membership I would strongly recommend it to any agent.
Mark McKee
Las Vegas, Nevada

As the top producer in the Portland area for Prudential and the first E-certified agent in the entire Prudential Network, I honestly have to say that iSucceed is just one of the most wonderful tools you can use. Iíve got the ability to go in and find out what I want and when I need it from agents that are in the trenches, rather than having to travel and going to some seminars. I just think itís
Rob Levy
Portland, Oregon

I am a huge supporter of iSucceed. And the reason I am is that the people that provide information on iSucceed are the best. I have had the chance to work with them and know them and I know what they are here to do is to help you with the most updated information and because these people are real practitioners this is information that actually works, this isnít some seminar guru telling you the facts.  Listen to the TeleSeminars hosted by William Shue.  Doesn't get any better than him
Carla Cross
Carla Cross Seminars
Seattle, Washington

You know I became successful very early in my real estate career and I just wish, looking back, I had access to the iSucceed membership, this could have saved me so much time, expense and frustration in building my business because you get advice directly from the top realtors in the country who are actually active in the business today to see what works and what doesnít work saving you tons of ti
Jason Hartman
Platinum Properties
Irvine, California

My first year in this business I only made $19,000, which was a terrible disappointment because my cost were almost $10,000. Through bashing my head against the wall and learning the systems and creating the systems myself I have been able to close over 100 buyer site transactions a year for the last five years. Now had I had access to the iSucceed membership I would have been able to increase m
Shon Kokoszka
Arvada, Colorado

What a super tool for any real estate professional. I am a big fan already and will be spreading the word to our associates!
Jack Dugger
Coldwell Banker Barnes
Nashville, Tennessee

What I like best about iSucceed are the new ideas which keep me thinking about new ways to market.
Tanya Hutchinson

I just want to take a minute to express my gratitude to all the people involved in the iSucceed membership for the exceptional work they have done to create an open forum where real estate professionals interested in increasing their yearly bottom line return while adding time to enjoy their life can go to get some real training from successful Realtors who are actively working in the business.
Rex Riffel
Associated Real Estate Professionals
Fullerton, California

I can track at least a million dollars in sales one month from ideas I received directly from this website. It is rare to find successful Realtors who are willing to share their secrets of success without a price tag in the thousands. My only problem is that there is so much useful information on the website that I don't have time to read it all. Thanks again and keep up the great training.
Rex Riffel
Associated Real Estate Professionals
Fullerton, California

Your web site is really informative...the information sharing is especially informative.
Lyn Odo

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