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My first week using my iSucceed membership, I immediately found two great ideas that I implemented in my business. These two ideas resulted in an additional $9,847. Itís so easy!
Terry Paranych
Edmonton, Alberta

The iSucceed membership has made me additional revenue of $291,711 in sales as a direct result of the systems, strategies and ideas provided by others who are sharing their proven ideas.
Rand Smith
Real Estate by Rand
Monterey, California

One thing I know about this business is change is constant. The ideas that I apply from my education from iSucceed help me on my continued path of success. Thank you iSucceed.
Chip Neumann
Neumann Real Estate
Richfield, Connecticut

The exchange of ideas have been crucial in keeping my mailers effective. Savings in marketing dollars.
Pliny Mier
Troop Real Estate
Camarillo, California

What an incredibly powerful concept of Top Producing agents sharing ideas and philosophiesÖit just doesnít get any better!
Judy McCutchin
Dallas, Texas

The power of the shared information is priceless.
Nate Martinez
Re/Max Professionals
Glendale, Arizona

iSucceed provides me the information that I need when I need it, what I mean by that is from time to time I am stumped for ideas, or how to do a particular campaign. I am able to log on and find other active agents all over North America that have already done it- that is priceless to me.
Rob Levy
Portland, Oregon

Great Networking! Some amazing ideas to put to use, It is very powerful to see what great ideas we come up with when we put our heads together, met some very quality people.
Joanne Lesko
Judy Lindsey Team
Winnepeg, Mantoba

Great for new agents! Keeps agents motivated, you donít have to reinvent the wheel- you can learn about success instead of wasting time and money trying to invent ideas that donít work!
Ginny Lee
Naples Real Estate
Naples, Florida

Itís like having a personal mastermind group with successful realtors all over North America, because everyone is so accessible.
JJ Johnston
Kirkland, Washington

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