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This is a true value. After 18 years of seminars and great teachers this is exactly what I was looking for in order to make a paradigm shift. Thanks.
Cori Blount
Southwest Realty GMAC

In the past 10 years I've invested over a million dollars in marketing and promotion. Of that, only about 50 percent was effective! I wish your site, with its seemingly endless source of awesome ideas (ready to use and proven!) was here 10 years ago. If I'd put all of it to use I'm sure I'd be selling $50 MILLION a year instead of only $25 MILLION a year!
Ron Neal
RE/MAX-Neal Estate Team
Victoria, British Columbia

Since becoming an iSucceed member, I never run out of ideas. I send monthly mailers to farms and spheres of influence. If I'm stumped, I simply click on and instantly have a great mailer idea.
Pliny Mier
Century 21
Camarillo, California

I enjoyed seeing what everyone else has done that has made them successful. Iíve always looked at the person one step ahead of me to see how they are doing it.
Sherry Weeks
Weeks & Browning
Montgomery, Alabama

An iSucceed membership is better than attending a multitude of seminars. Copies of other agents' ideas and successes are at my fingertips. The information that is shared is invaluable to my continuing real estate education....even after 27 years!
Marsha Sell
Coldwell Banker
Marietta, Georgia

My entire team is so into the iSucceed membership we've had to come up with a Top 5 List. Which means we can only work on implementing five ideas at a time. The list is well over 50 ideas waiting to implement. Everyone has a favorite idea, but must follow the Top 5 list. We're so happy we don't have to re-invent the wheel.
Penny McLaughlin
RE/MAX Unlimited
Bainbridge, Washington

For years, people have been trying to create an Internet-based singular contact point to help real estate agents in their EVERY need of every day they're working in the business. The iSucceed membership is the only Internet presence that not only does this very thing, but does it with hundreds of the finest minds and the most active, day-in-and-day-out producing agents in the world.
Terri Murphy
Coldwell Banker
Chicago, Illinois

I have transformed my business in the last five years (from $11 million to $33 million) by learning (and copying/adapting) techniques from the top agents across the United States. An iSucceed membership is a wonderful opportunity to pick their brains - on MY time. No airfare or hotel. I have just planned my postcard campaign for next year, and most of them were taken directly from iSucceed!
Missy Vanderbilt
RE/MAX Associates of Dallas
Dallas, Texas

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