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Thank you for the time well spent. I'm looking forward to success and can't wait to share all I've learned with my broker.
Denise Bradford
Asbury Brokerage Services

The real estate learning process is a journey, not a destination and my iSucceed membership has provided a weekly learning forum that makes it easy access leading-edge ideas on a weekly basis. My responsibility is to be proactive with these ideas and put them into action, the results of which helped us have another record year.
Ed Birdsong
Birdsong Real Estate
Lake Jackson, Texas

Bottom line - my iSucceed membership saves me money with ready-to-go and GROW ideas, systems, strategies and permission to steal, use, plagiarize and make all the money I want for less than a buck a day. Pretty darn good investment I'd say, wouldn't you?
Rand Smith
Real Estate by Rand
Monterey, California

I've used the iSucceed membership to get my buyer's agent on track. For example, I got him to research the different training modules and listen to some of the interviews. As a result his attitude has improved and we are implementing new FSBO and Expired campaigns.
Vince Cavaliere
Team Cavaliere - Kamloops #1 Negotiators
Kamloops, British Columbia

I've recently started listening to the weekly conference calls and retrieving some ready-to-use marketing items from the Web site. The combination of listening to new ideas and having them ready to implement is eliminating the procrastination delays that I might normally encounter from simply being too busy. I have been able to implement an effective expired program with minimal investment.
Ron Neal
RE/MAX Ron Neal & Associates
Victoria, British Columbia

The beauty of an iSucceed membership is the ability to obtain the information as you need it, when you need it and who you need it from - active agents in the trenches just like you, with proven duplicatable tools and systems. I have no doubt that this tool will enable me to increase my production dramatically this year. Whenever I need a tip in a specific area, I log in and check it out.
Rob Levy
Portland, Oregon

In the past, an agent had to go to seminars all over the country, some helpful, others not, in search of good ideas and systems. With an iSucceed membership, an agent can save significant time, effort and money to find that same information. It's like the yellow pages of real estate.
Joe Rothchild
Houston, Texas

The iSucceed membership combines the power of electronic communities with the depth of experience of the best minds in real estate.
John Tuccillo
President, JTA, LLC, Former Chief Economist of the National Association of Realtors
Arlington, Virginia

I spent more than $20,000 learning, refining and testing my eight-step Internet marketing program that generated a minimum of 48 transactions within six months. All this is available with an iSucceed membership for you without all the pain, mistakes and expenses I went through.
Terri Murphy
Coldwell Banker
Chicago, Illinois

If I would have had an iSucceed membership 15 years ago, when I started in real estate, it would have saved me years of trial and error and allowed me to make a lot more money in less time.
Mark McKee
Former #1 Agent in Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada

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