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Real Estate Wiki is the largest online content encyclopedia for the real estate industry and was originally written by a group of dedicated real estate professionals to help create a Wikipedia-like free service about and for the real estate industry.

Their combined effort has produced over 3,000 definitions for real estate terms, almost 1,000 answers to Frequently Asked Questions about home buying, selling and financing questions, a list of over 600 real estate acronyms, over 500 bio’s of prominent real estate leaders and authors, over 600 real estate brokerage companies and details of some 800 real estate associations, institutes, councils, designations, courses, blogs, social networks, and publications … the list goes on and on. Agents can also add their individual profiles to the Real Estate Wiki, as long as it is done in a business-like and fact-based manner and is not simply self-promotion. Click here to learn more about Real Estate Wiki.

During the first 6 months of its beta launch, has expanded to over 25,000 entries in over 70 categories. Click here for a List of the Categories or to search the Wiki directly from use the below Wiki Widget Search Bar.

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