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Judy Johns

How can I help my sellers stage their homes for more impressive showings?

One of the first things I say to my sellers is, "Let's go out on the front porch and ring the doorbell." When we do that we look all around the front of the house. By doing this we're going to see what the buyer sees. Sometimes we find mud-divers nests, spider webs, or leaves on the porch. After our observations, I ask the sellers what can be done to fix any problems.

Walking through the Entry Way
When an entry way is so dark, and the flooring is old, brown tile, you have to do something to lighten it up. I always suggest that they go to K-Mart or Wal-Mart and buy a $30 off-white rug to place in the hall at an angle, because the angle of the rug is going to draw the eye.

Create Comfort in the Sitting Room
If a home has a sitting room and there is clutter all around, I try to turn it into an area that looks like someone goes in the room to sit and snuggle while reading. I suggest that if they have an afghan and some books to use them as props to make it look welcoming. It makes it look like something happens in that room.

Liven up the Living Room
If the living room is small or cluttered, I like to angle the sofa to open the area up a little. Also, if the home has a fireplace mantle stuffed from one end to the other with clutter, it all needs to go. My gentle way of getting them to take stuff off is to ask, "Where do we want the eye to go in this room?" I then tell them that we want the eye to be traveling outside because there are trees, so why don't we take the things on the fireplace, remove some and just have a few things on the right end, which will draw the eye outside.

Keep the Kitchen Clean and Clear
One technique I love in the kitchen is to angling kitchen tables, like the sofas. It gives a whole new look to the room and sometimes it creates more space. In the kitchen the more wall space and open area on the counter tops, the bigger the kitchen is going to look. In the kitchen we're always trying to create an atmosphere of space and light. So to keep it free from clutter, such as using only one refrigerator magnet or putting the trash can under the sink. It's also fun and welcoming when a cookbook is set out on the counter. Open it up to a pretty page and make it look as though a wonderful dinner is going to be prepared. I call things like that exclamation marks.

Set the Mood in the Bathroom
When we get the master bath I ask, "What do we want to sell in here?" We want to sell emotion. To create emotion in the bathroom I suggest putting out a wine bottle and some wine glasses. Candles also make people think that you have fun in the tub. Now only one person has said to me, "Oh Judy, I hide the candles under here, we do have fun in the tub!"

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