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Do you Hear the Wisper in your Ear? What's your Listing Saying?

ALISO VIEJO, CA, December 14, 2008 – As you stand in front of your new listing what’s that little voice in your head saying?  “We need to keep up with the Joneses.”  “We need to out do the Joneses.”  One thing is certain – however the question is phrased your answer needs to consider much more than just where your listing stands in relationship to the neighbors.

One thing to remember is that buyers purchase most everything on emotion and real estate isn’t any different from any of the other things they purchase - it's just more expensive than a new shirt or a car. Retailers will tell you it’s all about creating an emotional bond with the perspective buyer.  Without an emotional pull the chances that the buyer will “take a pass” and move on down the line to the next house are greatly increased. 

So how do you make your listing stand out from the rest?

The first thing to remember is that, from your perspective it’s a “house” and not a “home.”  Your very first step is to help your sellers understand that fact and make the mental transition – their just listed "home" becomes a "house" and their "house" is now a product.  Your challenge is to help them begin seeing the house as a piece of merchandise, a product that needs to have a carefully constructed campaign to prepare it for sale.  And that campaign entails a total, unbiased evaluation of both the outside and the inside … by you the professional.  Are you equipped to make that happen?
If not, help is now available in the form of the Accredited Home-Staging Specialist (AHS) course.  This 8 hour course focuses on giving you, the Real Estate Professional, the foundation and a solid overview of all the key aspects about home staging.  Home staging skills aren’t hard and can be quickly and easily learned just by following basic interior design principles, which are detailed during the course. 

This home staging course and designation was created as a classroom course by a professional home stager/interior designer with over 22 years experience.  Now it has been expertly transformed into a cutting-edge multimedia learning experience by RealtyU, the leading career development company in the industry.  This course is revolutionary because it offers you a simple and easy way for you to get a very comprehensive understanding about home staging - all accessed from the convenience of your computer.  This course shows you exactly how to help your clients stage their house for a faster sale.  Not to mention that it will affirm you as genuine real estate professional by offering staging as a true value-added service. 

It’s all about marrying the art of good interior design with the science of human decision-making and consumer behavior.  The AHS course has been designed to provide you with all the knowledge you need to not only transition your sellers into the sales mode but also the tools to help them stage their “house.”

Find out more about the Accredited Home-Staging Specialist at or become one this week.

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