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Realtors have you ever Played Cowboys and Indians?

April 8, 2008 - If you ever played this kids game you are sure to remember which side you preferred.  And once you made your choice you never thought much about the other side except winning the battle.  This all sort of came back home to me the other day as I was talking with Jim Remley, the author of the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (AHLS) course.  He threw out a term that caught my attention … the Luxury Home Tribe.

We have all heard the term “farming” since the day we first sat behind the desk and stared at that big black phone.  Today in the world of the luxury agents there is a new term being used more frequently; demographic farming.  A demographic farm is comprised of people all linked by some unique characteristic.  Some experts refer to this process as marketing to a “tribe.”

As I thought about it, whether we realize it or not, we are all members of tribes.  Take for instance motorcycle riding.  Folks who like to ride share many things in common from certain magazines to specific repair shops.  What sets them apart is the bond they have which differs them from the rest of society.  Well, the luxury home owners belong to tribes as well and that common ground often provides instant credibility and trust.

This made sense to me for at the end of the day, given equal services and values, people will almost always do business with someone within their tribe.  What Jim notes in his course is that successful agents specializing in the luxury home market farm by demographics rather than by a specific area or town.  They are looking for a specific group of people, linked by a common characteristic. 

One very successful luxury agent went after the upper end housing market and hosted a progressive open house luncheon.  She coordinated that with other agents’ listings in the area and the event was extremely successful.  She now holds them every other month and has a steady stream of new clients.  Other agents utilize newsletters, sponsor a workshop or and event to stay in touch with their tribe.  According to Jim, the more tribes you become associated with the bigger your farm.  And that is just one snippet from his course – it contains a whole lot more.

To learn more about the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) course and designation, now available in an exciting online format from RealtyU.

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