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                      iSucceed Press Release
Real Estate Gets Its Own Wiki

Aliso Viejo, CA January 18, 2008 - At last the real estate industry gets its own, large, objective wiki that focuses on the real estate industry and the home buying and selling process. With real estate being such a large industry you would think a free-standing real estate wiki already exists.  But when you realize how complicated and extensive it would have to be to truly be a meaningful and valuable resource its no surprise that the task hasn’t been undertaken – at least up until now. (beta launched January 15, 2008) is the combined effort of more than 20 people that have worked on creating quality content over a very broad spectrum for almost 15 months. The culmination of this effort has produced over 3,000 definitions and terms, almost 1,000 answers to home buying, selling and financing questions, hundreds and hundreds of industry used acronyms, bio’s of prominent real estate leaders, authors, over 1,000 brokers and top producing agents, details of real estate associations, institutes, councils, designations, courses, blogs, social networks, publications … the list just goes on and on.

What Is a Wiki?

A wiki enables documents to be created and then change and updated through collaboration by anyone using a web browser. A defining characteristic of a wiki is the ease with which pages can be created and updated. Generally there is no review before modifications are accepted and most wikis are open to the public.

One of the most well known wikis is of course Wikipedia (, the largest multilingual, free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. It already provides over 7 million articles in more than 200 languages, and it is growing daily.

What is Included in

Although information can be contributed, viewed, and changed by anyone, it requires a simple log-on process to acquire a “wiki-signature.” However, changes will be made in real-time and appear almost instantaneously online. Contributions, on the other hand will be constantly monitored and reviewed where necessary by a national Review Board to ensure that the quality of the content is maintained. is basically a real estate encyclopedia will initially carry thousands of articles, statistic’s and information on items such as:  

  • Glossary & General Information
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Types of Real Estate
  • Homes & Lifestyles
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Who’s Who in Real Estate
  • Settlement & Other Service Providers
  • Government and Local Authorities
  • Associations, Institutes and Council
  • History of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Media
  • Real Estate Research
  • Real Estate Education
  • Real Estate Brokerage Companies
  • Technology & Internet

History of Wiki

WikiWikiWeb was the first site to be called a wiki. It was started by Ward Cunningham in 1994 and was based on the name of the Honolulu International Airport shuttle called “Wiki-Wiki” … in Hawaiian that means “fast.”

In the early 2000s, wikis were increasingly adopted in enterprise as collaborative software. Common uses included project communication, intranets and documentation; initially for technical users. In March 2007, the word wiki was even added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Next Step

Next to your bookmark for, now add Use RealEstateWiki as much as you like, it’s free. Also point your consumer to it so they can get clarification on real estate terms, get neutral third party validation to standard everyday questions about the home buying process. But don’t just take, remember to also give back to the industry. Sign-on and help build the largest, quality, free real estate encyclopedia on the Internet - let’s for the first time stand on each others shoulders and not keep on re-inventing the wheel.

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