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The One Crucial Step After Staging a Home

Aliso Viejo, CA.  May 1, 2008 - The National Association of Realtors® tells us that over 80% of all home buyers use the Internet in their search process and over 60% of them went to see a house they found on the Internet.  83% of all buyers rated “photos” as very useful and 60% of all buyers rated “virtual tours” as very useful.  And that was according to a 2006 report so just think how much higher the numbers are today.

The question agents should be asking themselves is “How do I get my listing – my staged home – to outshine the other listing, be that on a general search site like Google, an aggregator like Zillow or Cyberhomes, a vertical search engine like Trulia or Propsmart or my own company or franchise site?

So while many agree that staging in today’s market has almost become a critical component of selling a home, without the right follow up it may be an exercise of wasted energy.  With all the hundreds of thousands of homes on the market your staged home may never been seen, or may not been seen by the right potential buyers. Competition for consumers is tough so agents need to create a great photographic impression, before buyers ever see the real impression.

The crucial final step?

The first impression doesn’t start when you walk in the “staged home”, it begins with the first or virtual tour photo of the house they see. Given this, it’s terribly important you prepare great looking staged pictures or videos.

Yet despite these obvious facts, a tremendous number of listings today have poor quality photos or no photos at all. Some reports even indicate that without a video tour, the chance of a buyer spending anytime looking at your listing is greatly reduced.  There are just too many properties to choose from.

Good business says that immediately after the house has been staged (inside and out) the very next step is to take a set of “high quality” photos.  If the statistics are to be believed then perhaps a video tour is an added benefit.  Then add as many quality “staged home” pictures to your listing and website, and provide inquiring parties an additional suite of photos, or send them a video podcast of the home.

Have you followed the five basic steps of home staging; and not committed the seven deadly sins of staging? Then don’t miss out on the one crucial final step of home staging – distributing the photos and virtual tours of the staged home.

Home staging is no longer a skill some agents need to acquire – it has become an integral component of an agent’s skills repertoire.

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