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What's A Meta For
What’s A Meta For

Aliso Viejo, CA – March 15, 2009 …

Home Looking For A Special Family

Current Homeowner Promoted; Need New Up And Coming Owner

Model Home For Track Home Price


Well, you get the idea.  Marketers have been using headlines like this since the first classified ad hit the newspaper.  We call them attention grabbers but most folks put them in the “metaphors” category.  In either case I have always just associated them with advertising; at least up until last week.


I had my first full look at the newest online course from RealtyU last week; Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE).  One of the sections that really stood out concerned Real Estate Metaphors, which I immediately associated with marketing; at least until I watched that section of the course.  It seems as though Tom Hayman has put a little twist on their use when he uses them in relationship to how our brain processes information.


If we are going to be successful in our negotiation efforts it is important to deal with both sides of the brain.  The left side dealing with the facts needs to be tied into the right side dealing with the visual aspects.  Or looking at it another way: the correct visual picture created on the right side opens the door for the facts to be input on the left side.  In other words, you need the right side to “buy in” before the left side will process and accept the facts.


According to Tom, a critical part of any negotiation begins with how you position yourself with the other person’s right brain.  How do you choose to identify yourself has a significant impact on how the other person perceives you.  You want them to elevate how they think of you.  For instance, comparing the two terms “counselor” and “salesman” generally provides a very different impression.  So the key is to build a picture in the other person’s eye that moves their thinking from salesman to counselor.


He uses a great example in the class of using the example of a “mountain guide.”  One who is going to take you uphill to the contract and downhill to the closing.  Along the way you will do a lot of things for them that make it a safe journey by avoiding the dangerous places and preparing for the way back down.  Your job is to ensure that all of the contingencies are anticipated prepared for.  You want them to visualize you as the guide who has it all planned out and can be trusted to lead them along the way.


This part of the course really becomes interesting when Tom takes this concept into dealing with those tough negotiations dealing with things like commissions, fees, buyer agreements, etc.  He provides some great examples of answering questions like: Why should I pay your commission? Why do I need to sign a buyer’s agreement? Or why should I pay that high of a commission?  In each case the immediate answer is not to begin providing the facts.  You first need to address the right brain with a visual picture to prepare the way for those facts.  It’s all about providing a rational reason for buying into your position.


I found this part of the course fascinating as it dealt with this issue as it relates to getting the buyer to sign a buyer broker agreement, getting the seller to pay a retainer fee, dealing with a seller that wants to list at a price that is too high for the market, etc.  I learned a lot about metaphors, analogies and similes and how to use them in negotiation.


If you want to take one of the best courses available on negotiation as it directly relates to real estate I can highly recommend Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE).  You can find out more about the course by visiting; or you can explore the CNE Council website at



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