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What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

Aliso Viejo, CA January 20, 2008 Who can ever forget that great line from Cool Hand Luke?  It has been used by countless thousands in driving home a point.  If you have kids you might have even used it a time or two yourself.  I guess it’s no great leap to apply it to our industry as well. 


It’s sad but true that an email like this:


Hi – I’m interested in receiving more information about the view property I saw on your website for $1.2 million. Can you tell me the address?


Often gets answered like this:


Hello – Sure the home is located at 123 Sherry St, in Eugene, OR. - Thanks


The response to this question seems pretty straight forward. Just give them what they want, right?


You can fill in the line from Strother Martin yourself …


Getting into a conversation with an anonymous internet buyer is difficult at best, but there is a top method for attracting them - offer something they can’t resist; information. Not only affluent buyers but all buyers are magnets for information and they will willingly provide you’re their contact information and enter into a conversation with you to get it.


So, what information can you offer?


Here are ten pieces of information that many affluent buyers won’t be able to resist – and don’t fall into the old mindset that says “keep the information to keep control.”  Remember, today you are a facilitator of the information and the transaction, not just a salesperson trying to close the deal.  Always look for a way to engage your customer for the “long haul.”


·          Detailed CMA – A copy of your competitive market analysis.

·          Utility Costs – A copy of your listing’s utility bills over the last year.

·          Financing Information – A breakdown of options for financing the property.

·          School District Information – A report card on the local school district(s).

·          Incentive Plans – A description of selling incentives.

·          Photos/Virtual Tours – A link to more photos and or a virtual tour.

·          Construction Details – A description of unique construction details.

·          Neighborhood Photos – A variety of photographs of the neighborhood and community.

·          Neighborhood Profile – A profile of local stores, services, worship centers and time and distance from the property.

·          Home History – A brief history of the homes unique heritage (if any).


You might then respond like this.


Thank you for the interest in this home! We’ve had many inquires over the last few days. Many buyers have enjoyed reading a copy of the Competitive Market Analysis report that the sellers based their pricing decision on. The report includes a list of all of the homes in the neighborhood that are actively for sale, have sold, or are now pending. Just let me know and we would be happy to email you a copy.


To answer your specific question … Answer


The home is available for showing by appointment tomorrow morning or afternoon. Which works best for you?


Thank you again for your interest we look forward to talking with you soon.


Notice that in this email you have solicited their permission for additional information before answering the question.  If you answer the buyer’s question first there is no reason to keep reading, why should they? Also you are not giving away the added information within the email itself - instead you offer a way to continue the dialog.


Or maybe it could be answered this way:


Thank you for the email. It’s nice to have so much interest in the home.


Many buyers have asked about the local utility costs.  The sellers actually took the time to compile their annual costs for water, sewer, garbage, power, and gas into a small report. Would you like us to email you a copy? 


To answer your specific question …Answer


If you have some time we would be happy to give you a quick tour of the home. What works best for you? Thank you again for your interest we look forward to talking with you soon.


Notice that this email again uses the promise of valuable information as an enticement to continue the new relationship. The frame for the discussion is that other buyers have found the information to be helpful. Put in this context many prospective buyers will feel a certain sense of competitive curiosity. They want to know what everyone else knows – they don’t want to be left out of the knowledge circle.


Here’s one more to get you thinking:


Thank you for the email. It’s great to hear from buyers searching for homes in the area.


One thing that I keep hearing from buyers is how important the neighborhood is in making their ultimate decision. To help buyers get a sense of our community I have put together several photos that not only show the home but also the entire neighborhood.   Would you like me to email you a link to the slide show?


To answer your specific question … Answer


If you have some time I would be happy to give you a quick tour of the home. What works best for you? Thank you again for your interest we look forward to talking with you soon.


Because affluent buyers rate quality of the neighborhood as one of the most important factors in purchasing a home this email can be incredibly effective. To take this approach one step further you may want to create a virtual tour of the neighborhood by highlighting all of the best parts of your community. 


These are certainly not the only options to use in getting the consumer to communicate with you.  And they aren’t just limited to the luxury home client.  Buyers out there today want the “lifestyle” information concerning that house – that information locked up in your head that comes from hours spent in that neighborhood and community.


It you are interested in learning more about working with luxury home clients you might want to take a look at the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) course and designation from the Luxury Home Council.  It’s a great market niche and what you learn in the course can also be applied to your business in general.  For all the details just visit RealtyUOnline




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