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How Could This Happen To Me


Aliso Viejo, CA – December 15, 2008  It’s one thing to read about it, see it on television or hear about it from someone – but when it happens to you it’s devastating.


Not long ago I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our Michigan iSucceed Mentors, Jay Goscinski.  He found himself days away from being foreclosed upon after falling victim to an “equity stripping” scam with that question burning in his mind … how could this happen to me, my wife and my children?  But it was that “gut wrenching” question that changed his life forever.


That experience was the driving force behind his desire to become a true foreclosure specialist with only his client's interest at heart, and that's exactly what he did. Now six years later Jay is recognized as the premier expert in his area on foreclosures, short sales and REOs.  During our conversation Jay told me that he vowed that he wasn’t going to let what happened to his family happen to anyone else and subsequently he became loan officer, Realtor® and builder with the goal of helping others. 


Jay told me that his success is not the result of some hidden secret he discovered – it is the result of the very reason he entered the business.  The one thing that folks in foreclosure don’t have is what he provides … “all” of the options.  After losing his home he made a commitment to understand all of the options relating to both REOs and Short Sales so that he could walk his clients through the process in a clear and concise manner to develop the very best path for each one to take.


He has often found that many clients have been inundated with proposals by the time he meets with them and in most cases they are only structured so the other parties make the profit.  His first step is to always go back and start with a clean slate and determine the facts – key among them is to determine exactly where the homeowner is in the foreclosure timeline.  Then the options can be evaluated clearly and concisely so that decisions regarding pricing can be made where there is equity and options like the short sale reviewed where there is no or negative equity.


The bottom line for Jay is total open communication, which can only result if you as the professional have invested the time and dedication necessary to become the expert.  Taking advance courses or attending HUD workshops is the place to begin.  Also there are many professionals specializing in REOs and/or Short Sales and they always need assistance and are quite willing to train agents that want to work for them in those markets. 


At iSucceed we have over 200 Mentors like Jay that have made themselves and their expertise available to our members in every discipline in our industry.  Like Jay they have all readily shared those strategies, tips and tools that have made them successful.  If you want to try the country’s #1 self-help coaching system just take a few minutes and visit iSucceed and take advantage of our free membership through the end of the year





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