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Have You Let This Skill Fall By The Wayside



Aliso Viejo, CA – October 10, 2008  I was reflecting on times past when the market shifted and things got tough as the competition increased.  It got me to thinking about something that a number of our mentors at iSucceed said at the time … When things get tough I always look back at the basics the made me successful to see which ones I have ceased to follow.


I found this to be especially true in our current market, which followed such a prolonged “Sellers Market.”  The cry on everyone’s lips today is … I need buyers!  And I guess one could add, in light of the debacle going on in Washington DCI need qualified buyers! 


Well, to get you thinking about the basics let me pass along a couple of thoughts from one of our mentors, Missy Vanderbilt.  Missy has created a very successful business by remaining focused on the basics – through both the good and bad times.  Here are the highlights from our conversation:


·          Organize Your Contacts Into 3 Groups - A lot of agents just have of a jumbled list of contacts that includes agents, title companies, people who have bought and sold houses, and prospects.  You need to organize that into 3 groups: 1) Sphere, 2) Client Status and 3) Potential For Referrals. The goal is to have numbers 2 and 3 feed into number 1.


·          Contact Your Database - For years I just mailed and e-mailed the people in my database. Sometimes I would even send little gifts. I thought I was wonderful! But I learned that I needed to do more, I needed to be more proactive. The referrals sure picked up when I picked up the phone and started calling people. It's tough at the beginning, but you don't have to think of who to call – it’s your database. They are glad to hear from me because we have a personal or business connection.


·          Produce A Newsletter to Reach Your Sphere – This one speaks for itself.  It is a personal touch that they begin looking forward to because the content is catchy, rich and relevant.


·          Form A Strategic Alliance Referral Group - One of the most popular features of my newsletter is the strategic alliance page; my contact list of Preferred Professionals. People have come to rely on it so much that I frequently get calls and emails asking for more recommendations.


·          Host Targeted Dinner Parties - The parties are catered so they're very pleasant for me. We invite about 20 people at a time and I try to invite them in groups that have something in common.  That common interest really makes networking a breeze.


·          Send Thank You Gifts For Referrals - The minute we get a referral we instantly send flowers. I don't care if we actually make a sale or get a listing from the referral - it doesn't matter. The point is that the person thought of us. Sometimes people don't even know they sent us a referral.  Sending flowers speaks volumes more than just a thank you note.


If you would like to hear Missy’s entire interview, along with her 5 Step System For Referral Success, all you need to do is take advantage or our “open vault” from now until the end of the year.  We have arranged with National Realty News to provide a free membership to iSucceed from now until the end of 2008.  All you have to do to access not only Missy’s interview but our library of literally thousands of tips, strategies and tools is to click this link and register – your special promo code is already in the link … Click Here

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