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                      iSucceed Press Release
Coach Both The Left And The Right

Aliso Viejo, CA – August 11, 2008  For many of us this real estate market and the economy in general have substantially raised our stress level and have us second guessing just what action to take.  Knowing that we have lots of company, however, isn’t much of a comfort and neither is the fact that the “powers that be” haven’t got a handle on the situation either. 


But there is a path through it that will bring us out the other side better off than we are today – but you have to get both your left and right brain engaged.


Calming an anxious mind has to start with the right side where all those worries and fears come from.  But then don’t ignore the left side because that’s where all the emotion comes from that embellishes those fearful thoughts.  The problem is that if we don’t take some action both sides of our brain just roll merrily along – sinking us into a lousy state of mind.


What To Do?


Well the road we want to get ourselves onto is “calmness” and the first step is to climb out of the ditch.  There are a lot of places we can go to try and find help but if you boil it all down the best person to coach you through it is … you!   


While what we are talking about here is the mental part of the game we also need to take the physical part into consideration.  Mentally focusing on the possibility of success will create energy and determination but what are you going to do with it?  You can coach your mind into a good state of motivation but if there isn’t a clear path for action you will find yourself in a constant mental war with your feelings. 


Today, relying on yourself seems to have almost become a lost art.  When we recognize an area in our life that needs help the first thing most of us do is to “look for” the expert to solve the problem for us.  How about considering that, just perhaps, you are the expert you need ... the Self-Help Coach you need.


Self-Help Coaching


The real estate industry is out in the forefront when we talk about coaching.  And as an industry we have coaching that varies in cost and effectiveness from the top to the bottom.  But whether you employ a personal coach or opt for “Self-Help Coacing” the game is the same – it’s mental. 


Your career is “your” career and if you opt for self-coaching options there are a lot of options.  All you need to do is make the commitment and initiate the action.  And the first action needs to be a thorough self examination of your current skill set.  Cleary define your existing capabilities and then establish a priority list of those skills you need to attain to advance your career.  With that list in hand you can then begin to examine the resources available that will help you develop the desired skill.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s going back and shoring up the basics or moving into a new market niche that requires specialized training.  The key is to find a source of the knowledge you need - someone that has “been there” and “come out the other side” with the answer.  Leverage is the key.  If there is a course that will provide you what you need, why struggle through all the issues by yourself?  Certainly there is a cost involved but that is just a part of the process and it’s not the most important part.  It’s all about your priorities.  Determining what you lack, what you need, when you need it and then what resources you have to allocate towards the solution.


Help Is Just A Click Away


In today’s electronically driven world there is a wealth of information available that was only dreamed of a few years ago.  Not only are we able to find answers to our questions in the click of a mouse, we are inundated with more answers than we want.  Taking the path of
Self-Help Coaching is not for the person that wants someone to lead them every step of the way.  On the other hand there are some incredible resources that are repositories of a wealth of information including tips, strategies, tools and products related to just about every aspect of the real estate business.  There are companies today that have established huge libraries that can be accessed on the Internet.  Companies like iSucceed not only provide the information but they have a faculty of over 200 of the industry’s top producers to help their members find the answers and implement the solutions. 


It’s great to be your own boss, but it can be lonely at the top and responsibility for all the decisions can weigh heavy on your shoulders.  The worry is always there about what direction you need to take to make your business successful.  For many those worries remain “right brain – left brain” struggles that never get resolved.  On the other hand, highly successful real estate pros are the ones that have taken action and addressed the solutions rather than focusing on the problems. 


Self-Help Coaching is an option that is not only available to everyone – it should be considered by everyone.  Start small and ensure that you have success.  If you do you will find that building on those successes can become habit forming.  Just remember that it all starts with your decision to self-coach both the “left” and the “right” sides by taking action.  


You are the one that needs to take responsibility for advancing your career and the coach you need to hire may just be … you.














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