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Real Estate Mentor: Stefan Swanepoel

Stefan Swanepoel

Company: Author
Affiliation: Other or Unknown
Location: Tampa, CA US
CEO: RealtyU, Inc.
Largest network of real estate schools and colleges educating 240,000 real estate agents annually.

CEO: iSucceed, Inc.
Leading provider of real estate mentoring and money-making systems to real estate agents.

Managing Partner: RealSure, Inc.
Consulting practice and publisher of the "Real Estate Confronts" series of books and whitepapers.

Chairman: Broker Agents Speakers Bureau, Inc.
Largest real estate speaker’s bureau in the United States with 80 speakers under contract.

Executive Director: Real Estate Apprentice Foundation
A non profit organization providing more than $250,000 of grants, education and services to new licensees every year.

Stefan Swanepoel is widely recognized as the leading visionary on trends and change in the real estate industry. He has penned ten books and whitepapers, including the 1998 bestseller, "Real Estate Confronts Reality," and the latest sequel "Real Estate Confronts the Future" (March 2004). He is a highly sought-after, high-energy speaker, weaving rapidly through complex subject matter in an informational and entertaining manner. His enthusiasm is contagious and his messages are optimistic, intermingled with statistics and delivered in an inspirational and motivational manner.

Before making California his home, Stefan lived on three continents and developed a broad international business background and has served as President or senior executive of various types of businesses including a bank, construction company, property developer, appraisal firm, national franchise, software company, multi listing service, real estate brokerage, film studio, publishing company and REALTOR® association.

Stefan has received numerous awards including Businessman of the Year (Jaycees) and Best Idea in Real Estate (Great Ideas Conference). He has been ranked as one of the Top 20 Most Influential People in the Real Estate Industry (Today’s REALTOR®) and was listed one of the Top 15 Technology Trainers in the US (The Real Estate CyberSpace Society). His academic accomplishments include a bachelor’s in science, a master’s in business economics and diplomas in arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, computer science and marketing.

Content Contributed
1. Red Hot 2006 Real Estate Industry Trends
As 2006 looms closer and closer, RealtyU Group CEO Stefan Swanepoel delivers his annual iSucceed Trends Counseling Call, focusing on the key forces that will shape the industry over the next twelve months.

2. Tantalizing Tidbits from the 2006 Trends Report
Stefan Swanepoel shares a few key predictions from his newest Special Report.

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