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Real Estate Mentor: Sharon Simms

Sharon Simms

Company: ALVA International, Inc.
Affiliation: Other or Unknown
Location: St. Petersburg, FL US
Before Sharon Simms entered the real estate industry in 1986, she enjoyed working as a financial and legal analyst, a contract negotiator, and a teacher. One day she simply decided that it was time for a change. She wanted to combine her talents, have fun and work with people instead of just crunching numbers all day long.

Based in St. Petersburg, FL, Simms saw her business boom after about five years of hard work. By then she had established credibility through education, taking classes to expand her knowledge of the field, marketing herself, and delivering a standard of customer service well beyond her buyers and sellers expectations. Eventually, her life-changing decision let to tremendous success. Now it's become a family business as both a daughter and son have joined Sharon in serving both buyers and sellers.
Content Contributed
1. Targeting the International Niche
Sharon Simms gives a glimpse into the exciting world of the international niche.

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