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Real Estate Mentor: Rich Toepper

Rich Toepper

Company: Home Star Real Estate
Affiliation: Other or Unknown
Location: Woodstock, IL US
Listen to Author:
Rich Toepper (ABR, CRS, GRI) is a dynamite real estate producer with 15 years of experience. He averages more than 100 transactions per year, and is a master at harnessing expired listings. The secret to his success lies in consistency: following prospecting scripts and creating opportunities for new business are central to his innovative business model.
Content Contributed
1. $2 Expired Programs Generate Phenomenal Net

2. From Pre-Listing to Pre-Sold
Rich Toepper shows how to get the client's attention, counter their objections, and get the listing!

3. Increase Your Business by 30% with Billboard Advertising and Direct Mail Campaigns
Richard Toepper reveals how to combine the high visibility of billboard advertising and the targeted communication of direct mail to create a well-balanced system of sales communication that can send your bottom line to the top.

4. The Anatomy of a Listing
What is your closing ratio? Rich Toepper's is 90%, and it's all about managing the expectations.

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