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Real Estate Mentor: Pliny Mier

Pliny Mier

Company: Troop Real Estate Inc.
Affiliation: Century 21
Location: Camarillo, CA US
A twenty-year veteran of the real estate industry, Pliny Mier amassed commissions of $200,000 last year. He relies on a three-pronged marketing program consisting of monthly mailouts, phone calls and hand-written notes to a small but responsive sphere of influence. This approach creates a wealth of referrals for Pliny - about 80 percent of his total business!

Before embarking upon his career in real estate in 1984, Pliny spent ten years in the construction business. A Ventura County, California native, he continues to live and work in the surrounding areas.
Content Contributed
1. Personal Marketing that Builds Brand Name Recognition
With over 2 million agents in the US, Pliny Mier extols you to stand out from the crowd.

2. Personalize Communications with Past Clients for More Referrals
With mailouts, hand-written notes and more, Pliny Mier creates countless referrals!

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