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Real Estate Mentor: Patrick Cowne

Patrick Cowne

Company: Cowne, Odendhal & Plaster, Inc.
Affiliation: Other or Unknown
Location: Manassas, VA US
Patrick Cowne of Manassas, Virginia, was a CPA before becoming a real estate agent. He brought his strong financial experience with him into his new career and he was determined to make sure to save and invest in his future. A huge proponent of investing in real estate, he encourages his colleagues and clients to invest in homes and property. He and his two partners host the "Real Estate Talk" cable show, in which they share with television viewers in his area the ABCs of the real estate industry.
Content Contributed
1. Five Things You Need to Do to Successfully Invest In Real Estate
It's your profession and your passion - why not make it another profit center, asks Patrick Cowne.

2. Planning for Your Future with Real Estate Investments
"If you sell real estate, why not invest in what you know best?" asks Patrick Cowne.

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