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Real Estate Mentor: Michael Lee

Michael Lee

Company: Seminars Unlimited
Affiliation: Other or Unknown
Location: Dublin, CA


Michael Soon Lee, CRS, GRI, has been a broker and professional negotiator for over thirty years.  He has negotiated motion pictures deals, multi-million dollar real estate transactions and even discounts on gas for his car!  Michael shows agents how to save clients thousands and make them look like heroes with simple bargaining tactics that follow ancient Asian principles.  He is the author of Black Belt Negotiating which shows agents how to use power, leverage and timing to win any negotiation.

Michael is also a multicultural expert and author of the book, OPENING DOORS: Selling To Multicultural Real Estate Clients, and with his history and knowledge helps agents build relationships with and increase sales to Hispanics, African Americans, Asians and others.

Content Contributed
1. Black Belt Negotiating for Buyer's Agents, Part 1
Master negotiator Michael Lee gives valuable instruction on how to sharpen your negotiating skills!

2. Black Belt Negotiating for Buyer's Agents, Part 2
Professional negotiator Michael Lee returns for Part 2 of his fantastic call on negotiation!

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