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Real Estate Mentor: Marsha Sell

Marsha Sell

Affiliation: Coldwell Banker
Location: Marietta, GA US
Based in Atlanta, Ga, Marsha Sell first went into real estate 31 years ago. Prior to that, Sell was an assistant account executive with two advertising agencies. Last year she closed 135 transactions for a total volume of $34.5 million.

Sell’s real estate career started when she and her husband were looking at condominiums for sale and ran into an old friend who was selling real estate. Sell decided if her friend could sell real estate she could too! Since she was unhappy at her current job, Sell immediately enrolled in real estate school.

During the first two years she worked consistently with FSBOs. She continues to work with them today, and they are responsible for about 50% of her business. The business really started to work for Sell in the late 1980s when instead of setting goals according to dollar volume, she set her sites on units sold. That small shift in thinking proved a big boon for her success.

Content Contributed
1. How to Make Relocation Business Your Biggest Source of Income
Relocation folks may need some hand-holding, but they can easily become lifetime clients, says Sell.

2. Systems and Checklists Explained
Prevent that sour taste in your client's mouth by ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

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