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Real Estate Mentor: Jeff Firnstahl

Jeff Firnstahl

Company: RE/MAX Associates Plus
Affiliation: RE/MAX
Location: Andover, MN US

Jeff and his wife Koreen head up Team Firnstahl from Andover, Minnesota, and combined they’ve got a healthy 49 years of combined Real Estate experience.

A strong believer in self-improvement, Jeff re-examined his real estate practice back in 2000, and after making some specific changes he went from grossing $3million a year to $34 million in just 4 short years!

Their goal for 2007 is to reach over 150 transactions totaling $45+ Million in Sales Volume and you can bet this dynamic team will be as dedicated as ever in pursuit of their goal.

Content Contributed
1. Surfing the Tide of Expireds for Big Profits in a Soft Market
New Mentor Jeff Firnstahl blows the lid off traditional Expired Prospecting.

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