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Real Estate Mentor: Jay Goscinski

Jay Goscinski

Company: Michigan Realty Solutions
Affiliation: Select Affiliation
Location: Mt. Clemens, MI US

With just six years into his real estate career, Jay Goscinski is already well known as the Foreclosure and REO expert in his local area of Mt. Clemens, Michigan, but it wasn’t always that way.  Before he entered the real estate industry this self-employed general contractor was facing foreclosure himself.   Turning to a trusted friend who was an expert in Foreclosures, Goscinski fell prey to an equity-stripping scam that ultimately forced him to walk away from his home, as well as $45,000.


Convinced he could do a better job at handling the situation than his own agent did, Goscinski got his license and immediately began targeting the pre-foreclosure market.   He spent the next six months becoming the top listing agent and farming for listings; then within 2 months his listings began to sell and he rocketed to Rookie of the Year.


Today Goscinski is regarded as a Foreclosure & Investment Property Specialist, and  works with a number of banks to recover and resell foreclosed homes. Having developed  an extensive network of Investors, loan officers, contractors, lawyers, and other professionals, he has the experience and the team available to make the most difficult deals work.    

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