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Real Estate Mentor: Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman

Company: Platinum Properties International
Affiliation: Other or Unknown
Location: Irvine, CA US
Jason Hartman became a businessman when he was still in high school, managing two family-owned businesses, overseeing 30 employees and enjoying tremendous success in both endeavors. Jason has been a full-time Realtor since 1985, specializing in residential real estate sales in Irvine, California. As one of the youngest Realtors ever to receive membership in the International Hall of Fame, he has consecutively ranked in the top 1% of all associates in the U.S. beginning just two years after he entered the real estate business. He has been a member of the 100% Club for the past nine years and is a Charter member of the Platinum Club (the highest possible annual sales award).

Since 1997, Jason has been with Platinum Properties. In 2001, he began working with Platinum Lending Group and Platinum Relocation Services. Three years ago, Jason purchased and completed the successful turn-around of an Orange County real estate brokerage firm by increasing sales by 2600% during his first year.

Jason's list of community involvement activities is almost as long as his list of professional accomplishments. Jason sponsors a Little League team, and he regularly contributes to and participates in organizations battling cancer and providing food and shelter to the homeless.

Content Contributed
1. Build Your Personal Brand with Relationship Marketing
Let the news of who you are travel further than what you do, says Jason Hartman.

2. Creating Celebrity Status In Your Farm
Jason Hartman offers tips on elevating your public image in your real estate market.

3. The Art of Personal Branding
Broker-Owner Jason Hartman reveals how he uses personal branding to increase profits for himself and his sales associates.

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