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Real Estate Mentor: Diane Armitage

Diane Armitage

Company: Armitage Incorporated
Affiliation: Other or Unknown
Location: Laguna Beach, CA US
Diane Armitage, founder and president of Armitage, Inc. has been helping real estate professionals to market themselves effectively for years. In 1994, she opened her own company and began acting as marketing director to the world’s highest-producing real estate agents. She quickly became known as the “real estate marketing guru” and, while building her company of writers, toured and spoke extensively on leveraged marketing strategy and was hired to rebuild enormous training and support websites within the real estate industry.

The author of "Million Dollar Ads", Diane currently brings her skill in specialization of niche industries to Armitage, Inc., a full service marketing company, and continues to speak around the world on strategic marketing and websites, and the magic and personality embedded in each.
Content Contributed
1. 14 Secrets to Profitable Websites
Diane Armitage explain the 14 most important steps necessary to make your website profitable.

2. Crafting Your Internet Corvette
Diane Armitage shares five hot tips that will turn your website traffic from mediocre to muscular.

3. Create a Leveraged Ad Campaign for Your Office
Diane Armitage shows you how to transform those advertising dollars into solid brand awareness.

4. How to Take 30 Buyers Through 10 Open Houses in a Single Afternoon
Diane Armitage explains the efficient and profitable "Open House Tour" concept.

5. Six Leverage Secrets that Brand Your Name and Company
Sear your name into prospects' minds and leverage that priceless space, explains Diane Armitage.

6. The Empathetic Expired Listing Ad That Costs $70 and Generates $20,000 in Commissions
Diane Armitage shows you how to win every time by engendering sellers' trust.

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