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Real Estate Mentor: Debra Berman Pat Kandel

Debra Berman Pat Kandel

Affiliation: Coldwell Banker
Location: Marina Del Rey, CA US
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Debra Berman and Pat Kandel amassed 143 transactions with a total revenue of $64 million last year in the super-heated Marina Del Rey, CA, market. Debra and Pat have been Realtors for 28 years, and are celebrating their 20th anniversary as partners this year. They have fine-tuned a system that capitalizes on each other’s strengths and emphasizes a tag-team kind of synergy, not to mention allowing each partner to enjoy three months of vacationing every year.

As 2005 comes to a close, Deb and Pat have generated an impressive total sales volume of $85 million on only 76 closed transactions – a 32% increase in revenue with a 53% decrease in closed transactions!
Content Contributed
1. Is a Real Estate Partnership for You?
Debra and Pat help you take the team concept to the next level with a dual leadership role.

2. Unlock the Keys to Brand Leveraging
Pat Kandel and Debra Berman believe that if you understand the basic steps required to leverage your brand throughout your business and marketing efforts, you can build a solid, respected, durable brand in your real estate market.

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