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Real Estate Mentor: David Eiglarsh

David Eiglarsh

Company: RE/MAX Hometown
Affiliation: Other or Unknown
Location: Weston, FL US

David Eiglarsh entered the real estate industry 13 years ago and joined forces with his mother, Dorothy.  Together they make up the South Florida-based “The Eiglarsh Team”.  In 2005, this dynamic team sold over $50 million in real estate, ranking them among the top 1/4 of 1% of real estate agents internationally.  David is an active participant in a variety of professional training and career enhancement programs, attending conferences every year by speakers such as Howard Brinton, Mike Ferry and Hobbs/Herder.  Known for his outstanding listing techniques, David continues to excel in his craft.

Content Contributed
1. 11 Must Have Clauses for Your Listing Agreement
David Eiglarsh reveals the absolute, must-have clauses that address the most common listing problems

2. How to Keep Your Commission, Your Sanity and Close the Deal Everytime
David Eiglarsh offers expert advice on the most crucial parts of your real estate career.

3. Listing Secrets of a Listing King, Part I
Listing Secrets of a Listing King, Part I For real estate professionals, getting listings is the name of the game. Top producer David Eiglarsh could be called a veritable 'Listing King'

4. Listing Secrets of a Listing King, Part II
Listing Secrets of a Listing King, Part II In David's popular PART 1 call, you learned unique lead generation strategies, how to counter objections, and could even download a copy of David's

5. The Surefire Listing Presentation: From Start to Finish
David Eiglarsh reveals the exact components that make up his 'no-fail' listing presentation.

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