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Real Estate Mentor: Bill Renaud

Bill Renaud

Affiliation: RE/MAX
Location: Ottawa, ON US
Based in Ottawa, Canada, Bill Renaud generated total sales of $80 million and closed 386 transactions last year. He has remained the #1 agent every year since 1995, and ranks among the top 1% of all agents in North America.

Before starting his real estate career, Bill owned his own hair product distribution company and had a secure job with the government. 1992 brought tremendous changes to his business, however, forcing him to start over. He dove headfirst into real estate, with the goal of seeing to it, “that when people would think real estate, they would think Bill Renaud.”

In 2001 Bill forged a strong partnership with Ray Otten, another top real estate agent in Ottawa who shares his drive for success. Today, the Renaud Otten Team holds the #1 sales position in their market and the #3 position in all of Canada, having assisted over 3000 families in selling or purchasing a home. The team is also responsible for sales in excess of $500 million, closing a whopping 350-400 transaction sides annually!

Bill has since become a highly sought-after speaker throughout Canada and the U.S., enjoying the satisfaction of consistent success in his market. Bill is a charismatic and energetic individual; when this whirlwind of energy puts his mind to something, consider it done. A valuable member of his community, Bill generously donates his commission from his hundredth sale each year to a local women's shelter.
Content Contributed
1. Catapult Your Business with Outside Help
Bill Renaud reveals the nature of his business' rapid growth: lots of help from outside sources!

2. Creating Incredibly Profitable Buyer's Agents
Bill Renaud's four buyer's agents are the backbone of his incredibly profitable team.

3. The Power of Scripts
If the phone call can be repeated, it can be refined & polished to perfection, says Bill Renaud.

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