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1. Embracing the Computer Age of Real Estate: Free or Nearly Free Websites to Help Boost Your Business
By Wayne Furlong
  • Create professional looking property flyers absolutely free
  • Get exposed to thousands of foreign buyers absolutely free
  • How to cut your paperwork time by at least 50%

2. The Influential Leader: How to Take Charge of Your Real Estate Career in Today's Economy
By Sam Palazzolo
  • How to service the maximum amount of clients with the maximum rate of return
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget
  • The commission discounting question

3. Sharpen Your Focus & Watch Your Business Thrive
By Linda Fredericks
  • How to explain to buyers why this market is the best time to buy
  • Expand your business in new and unique ways
  • Help to re-establish the value of the agent in your local market

4. The 2009 Top 10 Real Estate Trends
By Stefan Swanepoel
  • Newsmakers of the year for 2008
  • The Foreign Factor
  • The Power of One

5. Reconstructing Your Listing Presentation & Lead Generation Strategies for Long-Term Success
By Bernice Ross
  • Why old-school listing presentations donít work with todayís consumer
  • Using 21st century language and tools to communicate with todayís buyers and sellers
  • A virtually untapped source of lead generation

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