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Unlock the Keys to Brand Leveraging

Debra Berman Pat Kandel

Mentor: Debra Berman Pat Kandel
Unlike an image, which is controlled predominantly by the general public, a brand is the keenly strategic promise a company wishes to offer its customers. Whether it’s the contemporary Nike ‘Swoosh’ symbol, or the longest-lasting brand in history – the man on the Quaker Oats box – over time customers develop powerful affinities for brands they can trust.

Pat Kandel and Debra Berman believe that if you understand the basic steps required to leverage your brand throughout your business and marketing efforts, you can build a solid, respected, durable brand in your real estate market. Tune into this Counseling Call and learn:
  • The two keys to unlocking the true power of a brand.
  • How to define and keep a brand’s implicit promise.
  • How to maintain and build brand equity.
  • Tips to help your brand flourish and reach consistently larger audiences.
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