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Land More Listings with Surefire Scripts

Stephanie Vitacco

Mentor: Stephanie Vitacco
Preparation. Nothing horrifies a novice agent more than the task of closing the deal and securing the listing, but solid, thorough preparation and consistent practice builds the confidence necessary to do just that. A vital component of that preparation is the concept of the script – a predetermined knowledge of how to communicate with your prospective seller or buyer with such poise and expertise that the listing invariably becomes yours. iSucceed Mentor Stephanie Vitacco has been using scripts for decades, and in this Counseling Call she reveals:
  • The nature and purpose of the script.
  • How to create and use scripts more effectively to increase your listing close ratio.
  • The top five most difficult objections, and how you can successfully overcome them.
  • The single most significant scripted line you will ever learn – the one sentence you absolutely must know!

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