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How to Convert 97% of Your Buyer Calls to Appointments

Shon Kokoszka

Mentor: Shon Kokoszka

Never lose another buyer phone call! iSucceed Mentor Shon Kokoszka has dissected the very heart of the initial buyer phone call and built a well-honed script capable of converting 97 out of 100 interested buyers. Ready to share this amazingly succinct and effective script, Shon explains how to go about conversing with a prospective buyer to ensure that you end up converting the lead every time. Check out this week’s new success module and learn:

  • How to “Cape the Bull” and quickly gain control of an initial phone conversation with an interested buyer.
  • A simple acronym for remembering how to direct a phone conversation.
  • How to play to buyers’ hidden agenda and alleviate their purchase concerns.
  • How to properly track various methods for obtaining buyer commitment.
  • The two most significant goals of initial buyer contact.
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