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Linda DeVlieg


William Shue
Featured Guest: Linda DeVlieg
Host: William Shue
Length in Minutes: 25
Some customers are looking for an in-depth purchase or sale experience. They want to take as much ownership as possible, learn as much as they can, and are constantly looking over their agent’s shoulder, trying to offer their own two cents. Other customers, of course, want as little contact as possible with the entire process. They are looking for a highly-skilled, turnkey real estate professional who can handle the entire transaction with minimal intervention on their part, so that they can focus on other higher priorities. Linda DeVlieg is the agent for these individuals – having sold millions of dollars of homes via email, IM, and her trusty Tablet PC. Tune in this Counseling Call and learn how to:
  • Optimize your website to accomplish 90% of your business through it.
  • Attract clientele who want a turnkey sales or purchase process.
  • Conduct home inspections sufficiently via picture phone.
  • Take complete advantage of the fully mobile office.
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1. Linda DeVlieg's Background
2. The Albuquerque, NM Market
3. What Does 'Selling Homes Sight Unseen' Mean?
4. An Example
5. How Technology Made it Happen
6. Key Technology Tools Linda Uses
7. A Typical Day for Linda DeVlieg
8. How Technology Facilitated 90% of Linda's Sales
9. The Power of Immediate Response
10. Linda's Internet Keywords
11. Daily Website Leads Linda Receives
12. Lead Generation Companies - Friend or Foe?
13. Simple Tricks to Capture Visitor Info
14. Linda's Relo Package
15. How Linda Helps Local Agents
16. One Last Piece of Advice
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