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Featured Guest

Wynne Achatz


William Shue
Featured Guest: Wynne Achatz
Host: William Shue
Length in Minutes: 28
Built from the ground up in 1889 by her great-grandfather, the doors of the Westrick Real Estate One offices in Michigan’s Marine City have remained open for more than a century – a claim only a small handful of today’s offices nationwide can make. Now captained by 29-year real estate sales veteran Wynne Achatz’, the practice is thriving and stronger than ever, combining the warm, old-fashioned customer service of the past with the most advanced technology available today. Wynne offers her clientele a truly unique sales experience, and she joins the iSucceed faculty to share her long-term view of sustained growth and success.  iSucceed Mentor Wynne Achatz teaches:
  • The fundamental disciplines necessary to achieve your office’s 100-year anniversary.
  • The kind of perspective required to balance a long-term vision with the day-to-day activities needed to accomplish that vision.
  • How to send your business into the local community with a vengeance – solidifying a much wider variety of available resources for your new clientele.
  • How to develop to a continuing education strategy that assures your practice will benefit from the most current market expertise.
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1. Wynne's Background
2. The Southeast Michigan Market
3. The History of a 117-Year-Old Business
4. When Wynne Entered the Business
5. The Secrets of the Achatz' Family Success
6. The Balance of Technology & Old Fashioned Ways
7. An Exceedingly High Level of Customer Service
8. The Key to Staying Power
9. Wynne's Exit Strategy
10. One Last Piece of Advice
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