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The 2009 Top 10 Real Estate Trends

Stefan Swanepoel

Mentor: Stefan Swanepoel
Speaker, real estate visionary, and author of the undisputed #1 real estate trends report Stefan Swanepoel is back with his sweeping view of the top ten trends that will affect the real estate industry in 2009. A proven predictor of the profound changes that have affected the business of real estate in recent years, this report is a donít- miss analysis of how market trends will affect your business in the coming year, and what innovations you can master to harness more business and profit in 2009.

  • Newsmakers of the year for 2008
  • The Foreign Factor
  • The Power of One
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1. Red Hot 2006 Real Estate Industry Trends
As 2006 looms closer and closer, RealtyU Group CEO Stefan Swanepoel delivers his annual iSucceed Trends Counseling Call, focusing on the key forces that will shape the industry over the next twelve months.

2. Tantalizing Tidbits from the 2006 Trends Report
Stefan Swanepoel shares a few key predictions from his newest Special Report.

3. The 2009 Top 10 Real Estate Trends
  • Newsmakers of the year for 2008
  • The Foreign Factor
  • The Power of One

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