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Launch your Rookie Career With Just $100 Per Month for Marketing

Shannon Byrdsong

Mentor: Shannon Byrdsong
You’ve heard about all the fallout in the mortgage and real estate industry this past year, so what would you say if we told you a rookie who just entered the market a year ago today is marking the anniversary of her first month in real estate with 11 transactions and $2.1 million in gross sales?

Think she’s got a magic formula? Well she does, but you’ll be amazed at how simple it is! Through a combination of, (yes, you guessed it!) basic activities, hard work, coupled with some ingenious marketing ideas and ultra-low cost marketing, GMAC's Shannon Byrdsong in Duluth, GA is rapidly making a name for herself in the industry. Barely reaching her first year in real estate, Byrdsong has already been recruited by GMAC to mentor other rookies, and share her simple but powerful ideas for hitting the ground running that first year in the business. Rookies & veterans alike will learn great strategies from this call, like:

  • How it's possible to have your own radio show, on the cheap, and have others pay for it!
  • What one item you should always have on your person, that costs less than $1
  • Where to get innovative tools to capture a prospects' information - for $10!
  • How to stay in touch with all your prospects for $15 a month

A firm believer in giving back and raising the bar on the industry, Shannon holds nothing back and gives great advice in this energizing, inspiring call you won't want to miss!
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1. Launch your Rookie Career With Just $100 Per Month for Marketing
Rookie dynamo Shannon Byrdsong shares secrets of her $2 million dollar first year in real estate.

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