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Break Free of Self-Limiting Beliefs to Achieve Unconventional Results in Your Career

Steve McCann

Mentor: Steve McCann
Former Fortune 500 sales superstar Steve McCann has spent the past 16 years researching the development of human potential. His years of study have resulted in his developing some profound insights on the power of self-image as it relates to the salespersons’ profession, and more specifically, their current and future sales production potential. Explains McCann, “A salesperson's production is a portrait they have created of themselves. The correlation between salesperson's self-image and their production levels is as predictable as the law of cause and effect.” McCann tackles this concept further in this week’s call where here you’ll learn:

  • The concept of Cause and Effect: If you want to change the effect (production), all you have to do is change the cause (self-image)
  • How self-image factors into sales
  • The single biggest obstacle to success for salespeople
  • A detailed strategy on how to recreate your self-image on a daily basis

Steve McCann is owner of McCann Research Corporation, an organization committed to the discovery and development of human potential. For sixteen years Steve has researched, studied and trained in the areas of psychology, natural law and self-image motivation. He has become a published authority in teaching the correlation between the self-image and production levels in business. He has discovered his bliss as a speaker and now teaches business people to find their bliss and helps them to incorporate it into the practice of their work.
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1. Break Free of Self-Limiting Beliefs to Achieve Unconventional Results in Your Career
Speaker Steve McCann explains how to completely change your self-image and reach new heights.

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