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Step Outside The Web: Taking Blogging to the Next Level

David Crockett

Mentor: David Crockett
While most everyone has heard of the concept of blogging, that doesn't mean everyone's on board with it. While some agents around the country are slowly embracing this new medium as a means to connect with prospects, there will always be a handful who have no desire to branch out into yet another technological frontier.

But then there are the risk-takers and the visionaries, who see an opportunity to maximize a type of technology and perhaps use it in a way it's never been used before. David Crockett is one such realtor.

Tune in to this call and hear the groundbreaking changes David's making to the world of blogging as it relates to real estate.
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1. Step Outside The Web: Taking Blogging to the Next Level
David Crockett takes everything you know about blogging and turns it on its' head.

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