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Recruit and Retain: Finding and Nurturing Top Performers in Today's Market

George Wilkinson

Mentor: George Wilkinson
Broker/Owner George Wilkinson of Avalar Realty in Florida knows a little about recruiting; just 3 years into heading up the Avalar Orlando branch, his team now numbers over 60 agents and is still growing. Recruiting successfully in any market is a challenge; but in today's rapidly changing agent landscape it's vital. In this call George explains how even in today's volatile market it's entirely possible to find and recruit those diamonds in the rough, or even woo your competitor's established superstars.

Tune in to this week's call and learn:

  • *The 8 Motivators that determine an agent's focus
  • *How to enlist the help of your existing team to find new members
  • *A simple but effective plan for managing your prospects
  • *The 2 biggest factors in determining your success in recruiting
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1. Recruit and Retain: Finding and Nurturing Top Performers in Today's Market
Having a plan and knowing how to work it is key to your success in recruitment says George Wilkinson

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