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Generational Selling: The Untapped Niche That Could Net You Millions

Lloyd & Carmen Multhauf

Mentor: Lloyd & Carmen Multhauf
Industry circles are always abuzz with watchwords, and sometimes even more so in shifting markets as industry players scramble to adapt and embrace new ways of doing business in a highly competitive market. Lately attention has been heating up around the concept of "Generational Selling", with agents rushing to understand the unique challenges and benefits of marketing and selling to a particular generation.

This week we're joined by husband and wife team Lloyd and Carmen Multhauf, authors of the Generational Housing Specialist Designation, and co-authors of "Generational Housing: Myth or Mastery", as they delve into the complex idea of generational selling.

You'll learn:

  • Why Generational Selling is a timely topic loaded with profit potential
  • What a "Unique Peer Personality" is and why it should matter to you
  • How different generations affect housing patterns differently
  • How appealing to generations can secure you business for years to come
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1. Generational Selling: The Untapped Niche That Could Net You Millions
Lloyd and Carmen Multhauf shine a light on one of the industry's hottest educational trends

2. iSucceed Author Series: Generational Housing: Myth or Mastery?
Carmen Multhauf examines the different buying & selling traits of each generation.

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