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How to Make a Business Decision in One Minute or Less

Philip Schoewe

Mentor: Philip Schoewe
What if you could face tough business decisions with ease and confidence, with no trace of the angst and uncertainty that usually accompanies the task - how would that skill change your career? Your life?

Master educator Philip Schoewe joins us for a thought-provoking and engrossing interview on the topic of tackling tough business decisions, and coming out the other side unscathed. He'll reveal:

  • The one important thing agents need to know to immediately begin making more effective decisions
  • The hidden meanings behind everyday words that, when discovered, can blow the roof off your perception of standard decision-making
  • The two ways in which a successful closing becomes possible
  • The Professional Processing Method and how it can revolutionize your career

Join us for this eye-opening interview from a dynamic, highly qualified instructor and long-time real estate training evangelist.
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1. How to Make a Business Decision in One Minute or Less
Master educator and REALTORŪ Philip Schoewe cuts to the chase and tackles business decision making.

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