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Ripping the Roof Off of Real Estate: The Real Estate Consulting Solution


Mentor: (Private)
(Private) stirred up a lot of opinions in the industry a couple of years ago when she began sharing a new way of doing business, which she felt was the direction the industry as a whole was taking. Fast forward to today, and not only does she have a successful book detailing the subject, she's also launched an exclusive accredited designation for agents to truly learn the various ways of doing business as a consultant. In this week's call she demystifies the process, and explains:

  • What exactly does the term "real estate consultant" mean?
  • How to effectively serve your customer and make money, even when there's no transaction
  • Why the discount brokers are the exact opposite of a real estate consultant

Mark your calendars to join this exciting call, and learn entirely new ways of doing business which can help you thrive in today's challenging market.
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1. Demystifying the 'Fee for Service' Model, Part I
Molly Wasserman shares the subtle, yet powerful difference between being a salesperson and a consultant; between being an information gatherer and an information interpreter.

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3. Ripping the Roof Off of Real Estate: The Real Estate Consulting Solution
(Private) is raising eyebrows everywhere with this exciting concept

4. iSucceed Author Series: Ripping the Roof Off of Real Estate
(Private)'s new book "Ripping the Roof Off of Real Estate" stirs up controversy.

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