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Scripts to Set the Price Right and Get the House Sold

Frank Russo

Mentor: Frank Russo

Frank Russo, a 25 year veteran RE/MAX Hall of Famer based in Arizona, addresses a timely topic this week; Pricing the Home to Sell. Given that most areas of the country are softening in terms of pricing, on-market times are steadily increasing as many potential sellers decide to wait it out, itís more critical than ever that the listings you do have sell quickly, and to do that you have to first get to the right price.  More to the point, you have to get your client to the right price.  Frank Russo has perfected the art of explaining pricing to the customer in a matter-of-fact and knowledgeable manner; and this week he shares his valuable dialogues and suggestions for getting even the most stubborn clients to listen to what the reality of their home-selling situation is.

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1. Are You the Assistant?
If it's you, says Frank Russo, then it's high time to recruit, hire, train and delegate.

2. Create An Informative, Personalized Newsletter in One Day or Less
Frank Russo's unique Newsletter template is a snap to put together, and sets you apart from the crowd.

3. How to Publish a Listing Magazine
Among the many advertising avenues available, Frank Russo says you just can't beat the magazine.

4. Personal Investing - Creating a Passive Income Stream
Working toward a passive income stream should be central to any business plan - is it central to yours?

5. Price that Listing to Sell! Crucial Skills You Need in Today's Market to Move Listings
Frank Russo shows you how to move listings and put cash in your any market!

6. Scripts to Set the Price Right and Get the House Sold
Frank Russo contends that in today's market Pricing is a crucial factor to getting homes sold.

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