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Selling Homes in a Buyers’ Market: Going Beyond the Four P’s

Alexis Bolin

Mentor: Alexis Bolin

It wasn’t to long ago that the “Four P’s” were sufficient to sell a home: 1) put the house in the MLS, 2) put up a sign, 3) put an ad in the paper, and 4) pray.  New agents who entered the industry between 2000 and 2005 encountered a sort of real estate paradise, where everyone seemed to have the magic Midas Touch; no matter what property they got their hands on, it sold within weeks – even days.  As the market begins to right itself, iSucceed mentor and long-time residential real estate sales superstar Alexis Bolin explains what kind of efforts must be undertaken in this kind of market to ensure that your real estate sales success continues strong and unabated.  Tune into this week’s Counseling Call and learn:

  • How to reposition your services to maximize buyer appeal.
  • How to strengthen your seller representation skills in order to convince sellers to list with you.
  • How to slightly tweak your lead generation methods to attract the right clientele.
  • How to avoid panic and work from your known areas of skill and expertise.
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1. Be True to Yourself!
Discover how, through her many years of experience in the industry, Alexis Bolin has achieved incredible success and productivity on her own terms. And she knows that when you top it all off with a true passion for real estate, and there's nothing you can't accomplish!

2. Selling Homes in a Buyers’ Market: Going Beyond the Four P’s
Alexis Bolin explains how to reposition your services for maximum success in a buyers’ market.

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