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Magnify Individual Success Ten-Fold with a Team

Nate Martinez

Mentor: Nate Martinez

The team concept can prove to be an extremely successful idea, provided that a team is lead by an agent or broker whose skills in managing personnel rival his or her passion to do so.  iSucceed Mentor Nate Martinez began his career solo, but soon realized that he could, to varying degrees, replicate his own success by recruiting, mentoring and training the right people.  He slowly began to add team members over the years, weeding out the bad apples and doing everything in his power to hire and reward his productive superstars – a group of highly competent and talented staff that has become the very foundation for his office’s tremendous success.  Tune into this week’s new Counseling Call and learn:

  • How it transform individual failure into greater team productivity.
  • How to persuade your team to work with and not for you.
  • Creative compensation that rewards the entire team for individual successes.
  • How to manage personnel changes and grow a healthy team over time.
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1. Deliver Full-Page Newspaper Ads for 2 Cents per Household
Nate Martinez discusses the advantages of advertising in community newspapers.

2. High-Impact, Low-Cost Marketing
Nate Martinez discusses how he developed his high-impact, low cost advertising and marketing programs.

3. Magnify Individual Success Ten-Fold with a Team
Systems and checklists don’t apply only to tasks and responsibilities, says Nate Martinez.

4. The 100% Virtual Transaction
Imagine “The System” of systems - a precise combination of technological devices capable of streamlining the home sales process like never before AND dramatically reducing the paperwork, time, and effort involved in selling a home. The best part is that you don't have to be Bill Gates in order to know how to use all the techno gadgets at your disposal.

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