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List the Buyer

Linda Fredericks

Mentor: Linda Fredericks

As the real estate industry has changed and evolved over the years the differences between buyers and sellers have taken on a life of their own, developing some peculiar expectations for how each party should be handled during a transaction.  iSucceed mentor and expert buyer representative Linda Fredericks challenges these differences and expectations by using a concept she calls “listing the buyer”, which simply means that she requires the same degree of commitment from a buyer as she does a seller.  Rather than spending valuable time, money and energy providing a myriad of services to potential buyers essentially for free (since they can walk away from the opportunity at any moment), Linda demands exclusivity.  By drastically reducing the risk involved in an expenditure of her resources, Linda’s business continues to blossom and flourish.  Tune into this week’s new Counseling Call and learn:

  • How to accurately distinguish between a window shopper and a serious buyer.
  • How to move through the most important steps in the consultation period.
  • How to persuade a potential buyer to sign an “Exclusive Right to Represent”.
  • How to confront the “M” word in a equitable way that eases tensions.
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Content Contributed
1. From Tragedy to Triumph: Selling RE in the Wake of Katrina
What happens when your market population grows by 25% in only 3 days? Linda Fredericks explains.

2. List the Buyer
In most U.S. markets, buyers now have the power. Linda Fredericks explains how to advise its use.

3. Sharpen Your Focus & Watch Your Business Thrive
  • How to explain to buyers why this market is the best time to buy
  • Expand your business in new and unique ways
  • Help to re-establish the value of the agent in your local market

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