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The "Type E" Personality and the Solo Agent Connection

Margaret Rome

Mentor: Margaret Rome

Is your desk is a whirlwind of papers, yet you always know exactly where everything is located?  Is your to-do list is a mile long, yet you always manage to get everything done?  Are you a wellspring of creative new ideas, but tend to lose interest in them soon after a project starts?  If any of these questions describe you, you might be one of the less than 5% of people known as a “Type E” personality.  It’s a new addition to the standard personality types, one that counts many dynamic members in the creative arts, music, and business fields, entrepreneurs and corporate executives; and yes, a large number of top-producing real estate professionals. Listen in as new iSucceed Mentor and “Type E” personality Margaret Rome explores this curious new classification and explains why you may have been mistaking your positive traits for faults. Tune into this week’s new Counseling Call and learn:

  • Where to take a free 10-question quiz to determine if you are a “Type E”.
  • The typical characteristics of a “Type E”.
  • The three unique variations of the “Type E” personality.
  • Why the “Type E” agent often thrives in a solo capacity.
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1. Creative Strategies to Attract Serious Buyers in A Declining Market

  • How to weed out the tire-kickers
  • A simple no-hassle method of attracting buyers
  • How to serve your buyers and get listings in the process
  • A unique method for guaranteeing buyers will flock to your listing

2. Real Estate the Rome Way
  • How to compete with discounters offering “$5 dollar haircuts”
  • Prepare and deliver a phenomenal listing presentation
  • Getting ready to sell & pricing the home right

3. The "Type E" Personality and the Solo Agent Connection
Do you operate your business in a way that's just, well, "different" than other agents?

4. The Million Dollar Solo Agent
Think you absolutely need a team? Margaret Rome explains why going solo can be just as satisfying.

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