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The Significance of the Sellerís Agent in a Down Market

Hugh Ryall

Mentor: Hugh Ryall

Listing agents – sharpen your skills!  Long-time educator and special guest speaker Hugh Ryall addresses the challenge and the opportunity facing you today.  Get ready for an in-depth discussion centered on how you can differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack and experience a thriving business during a market paradigm that strongly favors buyers.  Adapt and change your tactics; the only other choice is to fall by the wayside.  Tune into this week’s new Counseling Call and learn:

  • How to become the seller’s lifeline in a market of high supply.
  • How to differentiate and attract listings without compromising your ethical standards.
  • The clear fiduciary responsibility that agents must uphold with their clients.
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1. The Significance of the Sellerís Agent in a Down Market
In tough markets the choice is simple: listing agents must distinguish or diminish, says Hugh Ryall.

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