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Tapping Into the Vast Wealth Potential of the Investor Niche

Lewis Walker

Mentor: Lewis Walker

Working with investors does have its advantages, especially when compared with buyer and seller-based home sales that involve much more emotion, since the primary purpose for the sale or purchase is living rather than wealth-building.  Walker works with a variety of clients in both the commercial and residential sides of real estate, but sees the unique value in collaborating with investors as a buffer zone against tougher times.  Since they tend to buy low and sell high, investors make a fantastic option for agents looking to balance their business by selling multiple types of properties.  Tune into this week’s Counseling Call and learn:

  • How to target the hot investor markets and generate leads from those areas.
  • How to manage the triplicate roles of agent, property manager and financial advisor.
  • How to select the right properties for investment, and how to attract the right investors to them.
  • How to protect your investors and keep them happy during times of serious market volatility.
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1. Add 3 Extra Listings Per Month with a Neighborhood Website
Lewis Walker shows a unique way to add extra listings every month.

2. Tapping Into the Vast Wealth Potential of the Investor Niche
Lewis Walker keeps his business balanced by wooing investors with high cap rates and solid ROI.

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